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YouRecruit Own site posting integration resources

Welcome to You Recruit Posting integration!

How Job posting works

We have added this page to give you as a site developer, a summary introduction on how posting a job to your website from You Recruit normally works.
We hope the API information below will provide you with enough information to begin your integration project with the You Recruit system.
For this exercise, Let's assume that your website is named

Are you using Wordpress?

Please Note, If you are using a wordpress platform, we can recommend you a module where we have prepared an API integration.

Need help with your database setup in PHP?

Also, if you are using PHP and have not created any database structure, we can provide you a basic structure of the import module and database that you can modify for your own needs. If required, please contact us at

Sending a job

This usually happens in two possible ways, based on your preference,
(Version a) HTTP POST, Version b) via XML or Version c) via JSON):

Version a) Via HTTP POST

YouRecruit will send a HTTP POST request to a script on your website.
(for example
This http request always contains only one job and is usually a standard HTTP POST with several values contained within the feed.
For the purposes of viewing the structure of our post (View HTTP POST example feed).

Version b) Via XML

This is similar to the HTTP POST option as per version a) with the main modification being that the content is not in HTTP POST values, but is XML content with all job details contained within (view XML example here).

On your website, the get_job.php script will do the following:

  1. Check if the username and password login details are correct (to keep the database data secure)
  2. Check if all required information is present (job_id, ref, ...)
  3. Check if the current job exists in your internal database and insert or update it to the database.
The script always returns the XML response in a specified format either with information that the job was successfully uploaded (view success example) or that there was an error (view error example).
There can be several fields added into the job detail, if and when this is required by the client. Most frequently these customisations are found to be in the Locations or the Categories. These customisations should be agreed with the client before we proceed with development.
Other specific fields can be decided after the basic integration is completed.
There are several IDs in the feed (category_id, location_id). These are specific for your client. You will be able to access these details in the private resources area when integration development begins and you receive a username and password.

Version c) Via JSON

Works in exactly the same way as XML. The only difference is sending and receiving the data in JSON format (not in XML).

Deleting a job

The delete script is very similar to the previous one, but it is for removing a job from the website (for example The delete script requires the values login_username, login_password and job_id (view example). It removes the job from the website. The script returns the XML response which indicates if the job was deleted or not (view example).

Feedback function

An important part of the integration is the feedback function. This returns an JSON or XML output of all active jobs on the website. It requires the same username and password in the earlier requests.
For example: (login details might be avoided completely or can be in POST request). Please view the JSON feedback example or XML feedback example.

It is a minor addition to create this script, but it will save time when we need to check for jobs that were not correctly deleted from the site, and helps greatly with diagnosing problems without having to raise support queries with your support team in the future. We run this process daily after midnight so it should not create any load issues on your server.

Please note we recommend all communication takes place in utf-8.

Job Fields Description

This table is a list of the main fields that are normally catered for when setting up feed integration between your site and You Recruit, contained within this table are also private resources for development partners once integration begins.
Once again, we are able to customise these fields based on client requirements depending on scenario.

Field nameExample valueDetails Will be agreed before posting - same for all jobs
login_passwordbbb Will be agreed before posting - same for all jobs
job_id3123123 Unique YouRecruit identifier - integer
contact_nameColm Gargan Name of the Consultant who publishes the job - varchar (Max char limit: 100) Email of the Consultant who publishes the job - varchar (Max char limit: 100)
refKE2312 Unique identifier of the job that is recognised by Consultant - varchar (Max char limit: 100)
titleTesting job Title of the job - varchar (Max char limit: 120)
desc_shortThis is a testing job Database DB2 Short Description - varchar (Max char limit: 255)

Last Very long description NEW TXT

Super Job Description HTML Text.
Long description - text (Max char limit: 10000)
salary_min26000 Minimum salary in Euro (can be left 0) - integer
salary_max29000 Maximum salary in Euro (can be left 0) - integer
salary_negotiable0 If 1, then the exact salary should not be displayed - boolean
job_type0|0 Type of job - Permanent, Temporary, Full time - see private resources for more details - enum
benefits33,34,35 Ids of the benefits - See private resources for more details - varchar (Max char limit: 100)
benefits_names Names of all benefits - varchar (Max char limit: 255)
keywordsTax Senior,Tax Consulting Senior,Aca/Acca Qualified Accountant,Tax Consultant, Keywords related to the job - varchar (Max char limit: 100)
hotjob0 Is this job a special offer? - boolean
category_id2 Main category - See private resources for more details - integer
location_id96 Primary location - See private resources for more details - integer
location_id20 Secondary location (can be 0) - Available values as location_id - integer
location_id30 Tertiary location (can be 0) - Available values as location_id - integer
education_id4 Minimum education required - See private resources for more details - tinyint
experience_id5 Minimum experience required - See private resources for more details - tinyint